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Magnetic hard water conditioner changes the physical field of the water’s molecular structure, which reduces the size of the water molecules. This reduced size makes the water feel softer and behave like soft water. As a result, scale is removed from plumbing, appliances, and fixtures saving a lot of money & time required to replace or clean the same.

Technical parameters

Material: SS304/316/316L
Magnetic field intensity:  6000/9000 gauss
Kill algae rate: ≥ 95%
Prevent scale rate: ≥ 90%
Germicidal rate: ≥ 95%
Strong magnetism intensity loss less than 30 gauss in every unit
Water temperature:  0-90ºC
Water Treatment Capacity: 1-1000m3/H


• Control scale without chemicals or salt
• Convenient and simple installation
• Very effective at specified flow ranges
• Extends the life of fixtures, pipes, water heaters and appliances
• Decreases amount of detergents and soaps used
• Environmentally friendly and safe for plants and soil
• No moving parts or electricity
• Keep the benefits of natural calcium without negatives
• Made of high grade stainless steel,
• Does not remove anything from or add anything to the water
• No wasted water or by-products


Product Description

• Suitable for Whole house scale inhibition
• Reduces creation of Limescale on water supply elements – efficiency of 86%. Extends their (pipework, valves, taps, mixers, shower heads, water heater, Boiler, kettle of home appliances) life and efficiency.
• New Turbo Charge Technology – NO CHEMICALS, NO EXTERNAL ENERGY –Environmentally friendly
• Bluejal conditioners are designed for the physical-galvanic water treatment for households, and public buildings.
• Turbo Charge is a flow-through body with inlet and outlet ports. Inside are placed turbine-shaped electrodes (not magnets) of two different conductive materials.
• Easy to install and free. No need to replace the filter, no maintenance, more economical and worry-free than traditional water softeners
• Connects directly to copper, CPVC, or PVC pipe, Adapts easily to PEX and other pipe types.
• Health safety product – each part of bluejal conditioners is made from material suitable for contact with drinking water.
• Pressure resistance and Strength. Durable body and internal parts – 1 year warranty, works well for at least 10 years

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