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Pressure digestion vessels  are the systems of choice when it comes to difficult samples, large sample masses, or in labs that value high levels of flexibility. Typical digestion times lie in the range of 2-4 hours. For difficult to digest samples , the ability to extend digestion time for practically any desired period represents a decisive advantage. Microwave units cannot be employed for such applications. An additional advantage over microwave systems lies in the fact that larger sample quantities (e.g., 2 g organic samples) can be digested because of the larger available pressure range up to 200 bar / 2900 psi.

These pressure vessels have a wide range of applications. They can be used ideally for digestions of big sample amounts or inhomogeneous samples, like soil or milk powder. Furthermore, they are often used for solvothermal synthesis or for material tests like aging tests.

The pressure vessels are easy to handle and can be operated using just one hand only. In addition, an opening station is available. By the use of this station, opening the pressure vessels becomes even more easy. Different heating systems allow the heating of various pressure vessels at the same time.

    Max Temp: 240 °C. Max Pressure: 200 bar | 2900 PSI | 20 Mpa
Part No Capacity Reactor Vessel Reactor Vessel Teflon Vessel  Teflon Vessel
    Outer Dia Total Height Inner Dia Inner Height
75638 25 ml 55 mm 240 mm 18 mm 108 mm
75639 50 ml 55 mm 240 mm 24 mm 108 mm
75640 150 ml 100 mm 250 mm 44 mm 90 mm
75641 200 ml 100 mm 250 mm 53 mm 97 mm
75642 320 ml 100 mm 330 mm 55 mm 176 mm
75643 420 ml 100 mm 330 mm 58 mm 180 mm
Heating System Optional | Material Stainless Steel 316 | With Standard Rupture Disc for all sizes

We produce both standard and customized autoclaves with variations in dia, liner, height and volume.